Here we go…

from the rockI guess this is it.  Some form of accountability to you, my readers, to follow what God has been speaking to me about.  This is not natural in any sense.  For those who know me well, you will know that I have to force myself to write newsletters every few months.  God has a sense of humor.  But to me, it’s not so funny.  Actually, I cried when He first told me to write.  That was a good few years ago too!

But delayed obedience is not true obedience and I’m confessing that I have been disobedient.  To say “yes” when He told me to go to Africa, or to uproot my 13 year old and settle in the Philippines without having ever been there before, no problem!  But to write?  Big problem.  So many excuses.  My primary one, is that I don’t have time.  My days and nights are full here in the Philippines.  But if God says do it, we should do it.  And so today begins my obedience.

Once something is written, you can’t take it back.  It’s out there for everyone to see.  This is kind of scary to me. A blog is a snap shot of here and now.  A raw take on life.  In the early stages, there are will not be larger picture showing the journey and the growth.  My issue is that I know I am learning and growing all the time.  Thank goodness!  Things I said, ten years ago, I may not say now.  So I invite you to take my writing as such, written by someone who is learning constantly and come on a journey with me into this fluid, moving thing called life in Jesus.

I pray God takes my simple thoughts on living a life of love, of missions, and of church planting and uses them to inspire and help others.

But I also get the sense, that this is more about me living surrendered to beautiful Jesus.  He is transforming and changing us all and I hope we can walk this road together. Thanks for joining me.  Here we go….

See you in a few days.  xo

Photo Credit: Rachel Soh

6 thoughts on “Here we go…

  1. Thank you Angela for your letter. It’s so encouraging. Sometimes it’s the small things we’re so grateful for . I have a gratitude jar and when Jesus answers my requests I write myself a note of thanksgiving and record the date. On Dec 31st I’ll read them . I know there’ll be many tears of thankfulness for how much my Jesus loves


  2. Angela, both you and Yaz have been in our conversations so much lately along with heartfelt dreams of leading a small mission trip to His Heart with my granddaughter, Elizabeth, Molly and a few close friends. So reading your very first blogpost today is timely and encouraging. We all love you both so much, pray for you and the ministry, and all our kids, too. We will stay in touch. Big hug!


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