God calls children

Do you know that around 40% of missionaries report that they were called as children, and 50% of parents of missionaries say their children were called before the age of 10 years?

As a young girl God was doing just that and drawing me into his heart for the lost in the world.  Starting when I was age 4, my father would travel to Sri Lanka and India for mission trips.  Being a photographer he would come back with beautiful pictures of the people and places.  We had a slide projector and we would watch and listen to his stories.  I would think and dream about these fascinating places and of what God was doing there.

I decided I wanted to be a missionary.  But I would lie in my bed in the dark and tell God there was a big problem.  I wanted to be a missionary but I didn’t think I could because of the snakes and spiders.  I asked Him to help me not be afraid and then a mosquito would start buzzing around my ear.  Hiding under the sheets I would call Dad to come and rescue me.  A tiny moth batting around on the ceiling was an emergency call out situation. There wasn’t any way I would sleep with that in my room!  How could I possibly go to India I wondered?  Surely, God had the wrong girl?  Still, my heart dreamed of serving Him in the nations.  Dad kept slides in little plastic boxes.  Sometimes I’d get them from their boxes and hold them up to the light.  Very carefully I’d put them back in their right place and continue to dream.

How many God given dreams have we buried because of fear.  How many people are walking around unfulfilled, unfruitful and out of sync because the fear they allowed was bigger than the dream God put in their heart.

Or even harsher still, how many of us are living in disobedience because of fear.  It’s time that we acknowledge God is bigger don’t you think?  If he puts it in our hearts to do, with it comes an equipping, grace and provision in every way.

2 Timothy 1:7

For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power,love and self-discipline.

Who are we to tell God what we can or cannot do?
He would never ask us to do something impossible.  He will back us up with every resource we need, whether it is miracles, finance, or enabling to do what we couldn’t in the natural.

Maybe you are one of the one’s called to missions as a child?
Maybe for whatever reason you have buried it below excuses, false responsibility, fear of man, “sensible thinking”, selfishness, or maybe the enemy tried to take you out of the race.

It’s time for us all to step into our call.  Take a slide and hold it up to the light.  Put your eyes on the goal…Jesus and all He dreams for you.

Touching Heaven 2018 artworkYour kids or those you know can encounter His presence and love at Touching Heaven in New Zealand, 13-14 July 2018.  This is a two day conference just for children and I am trusting that God will ignite passion and dreams in their hearts that will set the direction of their lives!

Registration and info at http://www.hisheart.org.nz



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