The humility of rest


I have grown to love mornings.  Coffee in hand, sleepy eyes I stumble to the place God and I meet every day.   Legs curled under me, I take a sip and breathe.

The day holds so much.  My lists of things to do never seem to go down no matter how many I cross off.  The vast expanse of Luzon and the villages with no churches or true representation of Jesus cry out to my heart.  The needs, problems and solutions to find followed me through the night and are just as present as they were yesterday.  I hear the busy sounds around as my neighbour’s maid starts her morning routine sweeping outside.

And yet I hear His voice as I do every morning.  “Come to Me”.

It is in this coming to Him, I can find rest.   His presence begins to block out the noise of my soul.  Life with Him is not heavy.  It’s the way I try to manage it myself that is heavy.  My independence.  My analyzing and striving.  My self-reliance, even pride to think that I can accomplish all He has set before me.

Another sip of coffee and I relinquish my busy mind to Him.  My efforts even in this time with Him are useless.  Resting takes letting go.  A humility.  A surrendering to the fact that my endeavors are not what this life in Him is about.  I relax.  I can’t make anything happen.  It’s His strength, not mine.  His perfect timing, not mine.  Surrendering my self-will and plans to His peace.  In humility, I lay my heart before Him.  I don’t have it together.  I don’t know what to do.

All I know is, He says “Come to me”.

As we continually come to Him, we continually experience freedom.

And so, we come.  We surrender every agenda and we rest in You.

Matthew 11:28

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